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Although there are many websites out there offering cheap paintball, be warned, there is often a catch. If the price looks too good to be true it usually is. It’s more than likely that there will be hefty charges on top of the initial cheap paintball cost and you may well end up spending much more on the day. With such cheap paintball days there is also a danger of you rocking up eager to start your day and finding a man with a van, tatty equipment, low quality cheap paintballs and basic fields with none of the exciting themed game zones you were expecting. Not what you want! Not all paintball parks are the same and though we understand that you want cheap paintball we also understand that you want a well run, organised game at a good quality location

Our paintballing arenas range from castles, mock villages, and pirate ships to missile command centres. We may not be the cheapest package out there, but our purpose built venues, our top notch equipment and our friendly experienced staff cannot be beaten. Ultimately we believe that we are the best value for money and would classify our selves as offering QUALITY but still relatively cheap paintball packages. So skip those other ‘cheap’ paintball deals and book on with The Real McCoy, Paintballing Ltd!