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JUNIOR Paintball | 11-15 years of age


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Junior Paintballing

Give them a birthday treat that they'll remember forever.  Paintball for kids is the ultimate 'must do' for all youngsters and they will have an absolute blast at one of our premier paintballing parks! Our paintball for kids package is designed to give them ample time and ammo to have a fantastic paintball experience with their best buddies.

With a mix of missions and game maps they will be given objectives to achieve over various terrain, through villages and jungle undergrowth. Their pulses will be racing as they try and avoid capture and dodge the enemy fire as they work their way towards victory.

Every junior paintballer is issued with top quality kit and equipment which includes: Semi Auto Paintballing Marker (gun), Goggles, Face/Head Protection and Full Camo Outfit. All equipment is cleaned and tested on a regular basis to ensure that their day runs smoothly.

All our sites adhere to the UKPSF (Governing Body) guidelines so you can be sure that the group are in safe hands with experienced marshalls and site managers guiding them through the paintballing games. The staff will be on hand through the whole experience providing attention and encouragement for each player.

Don't delay and get the best party started - a kids paintball party!


  1. IS IT SAFE?
    Statistically paintballs is one of the safest sports around. Although paintballs can leave bruising or red marks the sport is completely non contact and players are supervised at all times. Goggles must be worn at all times to avoid injury to eye which is why are minimum age at most centres is 11+
  2. Do we have to stay on site with them?
    At all of our centres you will need to sign them in as a parent/ guardian as they are under the age of 16. We have a couple of centres that do require at least 1 adult to accompany them for the day but most do not require this. Please check when booking.
  3. Can we not book them on the full day package at £14.99?
    Unfortunately this is not available to junior parties. At Paintballing Ltd we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation and only want your kids to have the best possible day with us. The half day enables the kids to have a great time with a good amount of paintballs to enjoy themselves.
  4. Is lunch included?
    Lunch is not included as we run the Junior sessions for half a day and have removed the lunch to make sure we can offer you the most competitive price.
  5. Why do they each need 300-400 paintballs?
    100 paintballs will normally last 1 game of paintball. In a half day we anticipate running 5 games of paintballs. Less then 300 - 400 paintballs would result in players sitting out for games and not actually playing paintball for the duration of their experience with us.