Corporate Paintballing Events for Companies and Employees


Take a break from pens and paper, and join us in the great outdoors.

Paintball is a great team activity that provides a fun and enjoyable day with the added benefit of the day also strongly promoting team work and communication.

Corporate Paintballing Events

The boss is making everyone do overtime, your team-leader is getting on your nerves and the HR department have refused your holiday request!

There is only one way to settle it - and that’s with a corporate paintballing event at one of our premier paintballing centres.

Our corporate paintballing days provide you with the perfect place to settle the office politics or is an ideal reward for their hard work! Get your team kitted up, pumped up and wound up and lead them into battle as you work your way through different missions and game arenas using quality equipment on purpose built zones where the real test of team-work, communication and leadership kicks in.

Will you survive your corporate paintballing day and will you get the chance to blast the boss?? Lets find out!

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  1. Is paintball good for team building?
    Paintball is one of the best activities for team building. Teams that don’t communicate well or work together will not progress in the paintball games and quickly learn to adapt. It also helps colleagues get to know each other better and proves to boost staff morale every time.
  2. Do we have private games?
    If your looking for a weekday event then we usually run exclusively for your company. For weekends you would need around 35+ to have a private game.
  3. How do we book?
    If your looking for a weekend you can use the above booking bar (in green) to find your nearest centre and book from there. If you are looking for a weekday event either complete the form or call us so we can tailor a suitable package for your event.
  4. Does it hurt?
    The fear is usually greater than the getting shot part. We try and encourage new players to get stuck in straight away as once they have been hit they realise it’s no where near as bad as they might have been fearing. Bruises or welts normally only occur where participants are shooting one another too close or players aren’t wearing much more than a tshirt.