FAQ's on Paintballing, Paintball Sites, Games & Bookings

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many paintballs do we need?
    As a guideline, an average usage is approximately 500-600 paintballs per player. This is very individual, as one player can shoot a lot more paint than another.
  2. Can we take our own paintballs?
    Unfortunately not. You can only use paintballs provided by the venue on the day of your event. This is to ensure that you are using the correct paintballs for the equipment provided
  3. Do the paintball sites open 7 days a week?
    Normal events days are Saturdays & Sundays. Games can run during the week but the venue must meet a minimum requirement of players to operate a days play. The minimum is usually approximately 26 players, please check with us before booking.
  4. Is there a minimum / maximum age limit?
    Technically there is no maximum age limit, as long as you are in good health of course. Most venues have a minimum age requirement of 15 years old but we also have venues that start from 11 years plus. If players are under 15 years of age please contact us to ask about paintball packages available.
  5. Should parents stay on paintball site with children?
    Paintballing Ltd use a number of paintball sites, and each paintball site has its own specific requirements. Certain sites do require parents / guardians to be present at the paintball site, but a vast majority at our sites only requires parents to sign a parental guardian certificate.
  6. Can I arrive later than the given time?
    NO. You must arrive promptly for your start time given to you on your confirmation. All the equipment is issued in the morning and most importantly a safety briefing will take place which you must attend. Failure to attend the safety briefing can result in you being turned away.
  7. When should we make our paintball booking?
    We request that all bookings be made and confirmed 2-3 weeks prior to your desired date. This will give you the best chance to give you availability and time to receive your confirmation. If you are trying to book within this period please contact us to double check your required date.
  8. How long does a paintball day last?
    The event will take place over a whole day. You will need to arrive on site for your given start time, usually 09.00am. Your day will end at around 15.30-1600pm.
  9. What happens if we are late at our paintball site?
    You need to arrive for your given start time promptly. All your equipment will be handed to you on arrival. A safety briefing will also take place soon after your start time, miss the briefing and you may be asked to leave.
  10. Do we still play if it is raining?
    Your paintball event will take place come rain or shine, or even snow. In the event of adverse weather conditions and the day being cancelled you will be notified with as much notice as possible.
  11. Is there an area at the site for spectators?
    Every site has a safety area. However, you cannot necessarily see a lot from here as the game zones can be some distance into the woodland. You can go along as a spectator but we try to discourage it as space is reserved for players and not spectators.
  12. What happens if a player does not turn up?
    If players do not turn up on the day the payment will be lost and the 100 paintballs will be retained by the venue. Paintballs are non-transferable. If we receive notification within our cancellation and amendment policy then we can update the booking.
  13. If players don't attend can I have their 100 paintballs?
    No, players who fail to attend on the day will lose their 1st 100 paintballs and these paintballs are non-transferable. Players that fail to attend on the day will also lose their pre-payment and are no longer entitled to their 1st 100 paintballs.
  14. Can I use my own paintball equipment?
    In most cases the answer is Yes. If you take your equipment along with you on the day, the Head Marshall will inspect it to see if it is suitable for use on site. Please note that the decision of the Marshall is final.
  15. Do children need adults to sign disclaimers for them?
    It is advised that groups with under 18’s have a parent/guardian present to sign disclaimers on their behalf.
  16. Is poof of age required for children at the paintball site?
    It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian for that individual to be honest about the age of the person concerned. If the player is under age then the insurance will become void.
  17. Do all paintball sites offer bulk buy on paintballs?
    Most of the venues will offer bulk purchase discounts, but some will only sell per 100. You can ask us if the venue you wish to play does bulk buying and we will find out for you.
  18. What clothing should I wear?
    We suggest you wear a couple of layers on your top-half, depending on how cold it is. This will allow you to take a layer off if you get warmed up - and trust us you will. You have a camo-outfit given to you to wear for the day as well. Tatty old jeans or tracksuit bottoms are the best thing to wear on your bottom-half, your camo-outfit will be quite loose fitting and will slip over the top of pretty much anything.
  19. What do we need to bring with us to the paintball site?
    Most importantly - yourselves. If you have passes then please take these with on the day as well as your confirmation. If you do not have passes then you will need only take your confirmation, if we have emailed you your confirmation please print this off and take with you on the day. Also bring method of payment for any additional paintballs you use.
  20. Do paintball sites have storage for valuables?
    Few sites have locker facilities. What most sites will do is have a valuables box for which you can place your belongings in and leave with the game day manager in the safety camp. We advise that you arrive with the minimum amount of valuables that you need as things can be lost in the woods and trying to find them can be very difficult. The venues are not responsible for loss or theft of any valuables.
  21. Do the sites have showers?
    Only a few sites have shower facilities. You are advised to call our bookings office to check beforehand.
  22. Do the paintball sites cater for vegetarian & dietary requirements?
    The venues will cater for vegetarians and most needs. When you make your booking please advise us as to how many vegetarians you have in your group, this way we can notify the venue to ensure that they are catered for.
  23. Do paintball sites accept credit cards?
    All the sites will accept credit or debit card payments. They may have facilities on site to take payment straight away. For those sites which are not equipped with PDQ’s machines they will take a copy of your card details and take payment when they return to the office.
  24. Is alcohol permitted on the paintball site?
    The consumption of alcohol during the day is strictly forbidden. We understand that some of you will be celebrating on the day and may have alcohol with you but we ask that you wait until you are off site to begin your party. If you are found consuming alcohol on site you will be asked to leave. There is a zero tolerance to drugs at every site.
  25. Can I get to the paintball site by public transport?
    Please bare in mind that most sites are situated in very rural areas which may have very limited transport links. The majority of the sites are within close distance to over ground train stations but you could still be left with a short cab journey. All address details are on the web-site so please check before your event day.
  26. Can I leave the paintball game early?
    You are not held captive at the site on the day but please bare in mind that the day revolves around the teams that are playing. If people leave early and reduce player numbers it can spoil the rest of the day for the others that wish to continue playing.
  27. How many players are there on a paintball team?
    This can vary depending on the size of the venue. Some sites can play up to 30 players in each team. It is really down to exactly how many people turn-up on the day.
  28. Will I be on the same team as my friends?
    The marshals on the day will obviously do their best to keep people within teams that they are happy with. Please be aware that you may have other people from other groups added to your team.
  29. How can we pay for additional paintballs on the day?
    Every site will accept cash but you could use a credit or debit card to settle your bill.
  30. Can I just do half a day paintballing?
    The majority of the venues can only cater for a full day of paintballing. Half days can be arranged but please be aware that you may be put on a package deal. If you really can only do a half day please contact us and we will put you in contact with the venue you wish to play.
  31. What does lunch consist of?
    Lunch is only available at participating venues. Your lunch can vary from site to site. Some will provide a BBQ lunch others may provide you with jacket potato. You can ask upon booking what lunch is available. Half day bookings will not receive lunch.
  32. Is there a limit to how many people can book?
    The only real limit will be the capacity of the venue, which does vary from site to site. Remember all bookings are subject to availability so if you have a large group please try and confirm the booking as soon as possible, otherwise you may miss out on places. Please contact our booking line and we will be happy to check availability for you.