UK Paintball | Top 10 Paintball Tips

Top 10 Paintball Tips

Paintballing Ltd have teamed up with Tommy ‘Gun’ Pemberton from team Nexus (World Cup winners 2008) to bring you his 10 hottest tips for playing paintball.


Top 10 Paintball Tips

Tommy ‘Gun’ Pemberton is the UK’s number 1 paintball player. Tommy has been playing at international level representing the UK for the last 6 years. Last year his team ‘Nexus’ won the World Cup tournament in France. As well as jet setting off around the world to destinations such as Tampa Bay, Miami, and Asia Tommy trains many hours per week honing his gun fighting skills.

Tommy Gun is a close friend of Paintballing Ltd and has been good enough to put down his TOP 10 tips for anyone about to play paintball for the 1st time or even a woodland Veteran looking to advance their game.

With Tommy’s FREE top 10 tips you will be walking onto the paintball fields with a huge advantage over your opposition before the whistle even blows. His paintballing tips give you the info required to stay hit free whilst tuning you into a paintball killing machine.