Paintballing East Grinstead

East Grinstead's Premier Venue

Paintball East Grinstead, Ladycross Farm, Dormansland, West Sussex, RH7 6PB.

Guys drop those Xbox controllers, girls drop those shopping bags and head down to one of the UK’s premier paintball sites. Located just south of Surreys’ M25, and is easily accessed from Lingfield, Godstone and East Grinstead.

Sort the men from the boys as you take on one if the biggest paintball fortresses in Europe. Take part in a game of Cowboys and Indians for grownups as you fight for control of the local saloon, bank and gold mine. Become a hero as you battle through the zombie populated graveyard, cleansing the earth from these awful creatures. Prepare to walk the plank, test out your sea legs and shout “aye aye” captain as you battle the native pirates.

For those on an office outing, impress your boss with your team leading skills. Lead from the front as you guide your troops across the terrifying bridge, feeling the onslaught of enemy fire as you try to take control. For those adrenaline junkies, take on the fastest paced paintball scenario available dodging obstacles whilst taking out your opposition. Paintballing in East Grinstead will truly offer you an experience like no other.