Paintballing Edinburgh | A premier paintballing venue

Paintballing Edinburgh

Edinburgh's Premier Venue

Dolphinton Burn Woodlands, Dundas Castle Estate, South Queensferry, EH29 9EN.

Please note we are not currently taking bookings for this venue.

Please see our Kilmarnock location.

The Edinburgh paintballing park is based just 35 minutes from the City centre and is Scotland’s premier paintballing park which services Edinburgh City. With a capacity of up to 300 players this venue is one of the largest parks in the UK.The venue is located on an old ammo base with a variety of terrain and out-buildings creating large open spaces and erie empty warehouses.

The paintballing Edinburgh game zones include a helicopter crash site, in which you'll need to secure the area and rescue the pilot before the enemy get their hands on the secret cargo. Other game zones such as Demolition and Hit Squad at this paintballing site are equally as challenging, testing your team-work and paintballing skills to the limit.

As well as Edinburgh having some of the best paintballing game scenarios in Scotland the location sets the perfect backdrop for full on combat and is ideal for your birthday, stag/hen party or work outing.

  • Car Parking available

  • Toilets

  • Nearest train station:
    2 miles away

  • 24 hour money back guarantee

At a Glance:

  • 100 paintballs £8.00
  • Smoke grenades £4.00
  • Arrival Time 09:15
  • Finish time 16:00
  • Minimum age

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Address: Dolphinton Burn Woodlands, Dundas Castle Estate, South Queensferry, EH29 9EN.
Sat Nav Coordinates: N 55° 58' 3" W 3° 23' 27"

Game Zones

Hit Squad

You are part of an elite bodygaurd group that is tasked with escorting the General to safety. Your escape has been thwarted and you take refuge in a dis-used factory complex as there is word that the enemy paintball team know your where-abouts. They will attack your position and you will have to hold out long enough in order for back up to arrive. Can you do it and keep the General alive? Top rated game scenario at Paintballing Edinburgh.


A scout has returned from recon and established the site of the opposition paintballing Edinburgh supply centre. The orders are that you must get an explosives expert into the store, lay down the bomb and get back as far as possible as you attempt to demolish the ammo store and the enemy with it. The guards will be armed and willing to put up a fight so you must act quickly and use your stealth skills!

Search & Rescue

This is as serious as it gets! A chopper has been shot down by the Edinburgh paintball guerillas and the pilot has survived but is now in danger of being captured. You must race to the crash site and extract the pilot to safety before the enemy get hold of him. They will try and fend you off so be prepared for an epic paintball battle as guns and grenades go off all around you.