Paintballing Glasgow | A premier paintballing venue

Paintballing Glasgow

Glasgow's Premier Venue

West Benhar Road, Shotts, Eastfield, ML7 5TG.

Please note this venue is now closed.

Please see our Kilmarnock location.

Based just 25 minutes from the city centre, Scotland's unrivalled paintball park plays host to paintballers from both Glasgow and Edinburgh City. With the capacity for 300 players and some of the most challenging game zones, the paintballing Glasgow venue will test your paintball skills to the max.

Lead your team into their first mission on Search and Rescue, where a helicopter has been shot down. The clock is ticking and your team needs to locate the crash site at one of the UK's biggest paintballing game maps.  Will you be a hero and rescue the pilot before he's captured by the enemy? Use all of your paintballing skills to make sure that he gets out alive!   

Paintballing Glasgow is a fantastic location to celebrate a special stag or hen do, a big birthday or a team building on a day out of the office on our bespoke corporate package.

  • Car Parking available

  • Toilets

  • Nearest train station:
    2 miles away

  • 24 hour money back guarantee

At a Glance:

  • 100 paintballs £7.00
  • Smoke Flares £3.00
  • Arrival Time 10:00
  • Finish time 15:30
  • Minimum age

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Address: West Benhar Road, Shotts, Eastfield, ML7 5TG.
Sat Nav Coordinates: N 55° 51' 0" W 3° 47' 50"

Game Zones

Hit Squad

You are part of the elite Paintballing Glasgow unit that is tasked with getting the General to safety. Your escape route has been blocked and you take up temporary refuge in a derelict factory complex as word has come through that the enemy paintball team know your location. They will attack your position and you have to hold out long enough in order for your back up to arrive. Can you go the distance and keep the General safe?


The team scout returned from a recon mission and pin-pointed the site of the opposition paintballing supply centre and ammo store. Your orders are to get the explosives expert into the store, lay down a bomb and then retreat as far as possible as you attempt to demolish the ammo store and the opposition with it. The guards will be heavily armed and they are willing to put up resistance so you must act quickly and swiftly! Paintballing Glasgow 5 star game scenario.

Search & Rescue

A chopper has been gunned down by the Glasgow paintball guerillas and the pilot has survived but is now in danger of being captured. You must get to the crash site as quickly as possible and get the pilot to safety before the enemy capture him and take him hostage. They will do anything to fend off attack so be prepared for one huge paintballing battle as guns and grenades go off all around you.