Paintballing Southend

Southend's Premier Venue

Paintball Southend, Dollymans Farm, Doublegate Lane, Rawreth, Wickford, SS11 8UD.

Drop that TV remote, swap those shopping bags and Xbox controllers for semi automatic paintball guns and enjoy pounding your opponents with up to 7 balls per second. With games zones aplenty and many semi professional paintballers serving as marshals, a day out at Southends’ paintball site promises utter mayhem.

The huts in our Southend village provide the perfect shield or hiding place, however, it is up to you to decide who is lurking around that corner, is it friend or foe? You literally have a split second to decide whether to cover their back or splat them with paint. Do you have the tactics, bravery and guts to complete a mission of the toughest kind; can you take on the track? Be bombarded with paintballs as you under come heavy hostile fire, will you manage to transfer the flag back to base? For the ultimate dare devils take on speed ball, survival of the fittest where you keep firing until you and your team are the only ones left standing, will you be victorious?

You are guaranteed trigger pumping action here in Southend so get yourself away from the office, get out with the lads or lassies and enjoy an adrenaline filled action packed day. For those hen and stags who can stand the pace, the lively nightlife of Essex is not far away, perfect for retailing a battle story or two.