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The history of paintball goes back to an argument between two friends: could someone from the city hold their own against a hunter in the woods? — New Hampshire, June 2, 1981. Twelve players are about to play the world’s first game of paintball. Hayes Noel, a Wall Street stockbroker, and Charles Gaines, a writer,... read more
We’ve put together the definitive paintball buyer’s guide for everyone looking for cheap paintball supplies, how to buy paintball gear and more... One of the most important steps to improving as a paintball player is buying your own paintball gun and your own paintball gear. Paintball guns are like snowflakes…... read more
You’ve got big dreams and big (paint)balls. You want to make it as pro? Then listen up... There are certain skills that every professional paintball player is expected to master. We’ve run through a list over on Tippmann’s website. If you haven’t read that article yet, you should do so. Everything else you need to... read more
Paintballing for Children: A Parent’s Guide Thinking of taking your kid paintballing? Find out how we’ve made sure that paintballing is a safe activity for under-18s. Paintball ticks all the boxes for being a great children’s activity: it’s outdoors, it’s active and it encourages teamwork, problem-solving and... read more
Keep your crew entertained all day for minimum prices. Paintball is an outrageously good option for a stag or hen party.   Arranging a stag or hen event doesn’t have to be (that) hard. Pick up the phone, give us a call, pick a date, job done. We have 75+ paintball venues in the UK, if you’re planning on hitting the... read more