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We list seven things that could be vastly improved with the addition of paintball markers It seems like every week there’s a new wacky twist on paintball being invented by someone somewhere, including go-karting paintball, hunger games paintball, zombie paintball, archery tag and paintball blowguns.   We think that... read more
The history of paintball goes back to an argument between two friends: could someone from the city hold their own against a hunter in the woods? — New Hampshire, June 2, 1981. Twelve players are about to play the world’s first game of paintball. Hayes Noel, a Wall Street stockbroker, and Charles Gaines, a writer,... read more
  About to go paintballing for the very first time? Listen up, rookie, things are about to get real... Whether you are going paintballing for a birthday party, an office outing, or just because, playing paintball for the first time is an adrenaline rush like no other. But let’s be honest, it’s not so easy to go... read more
Making your own DIY paintball gear isn’t easy or cheap, yet many players do it just for the love. Making your own paintball gun is not a good idea. In fact, we’re going to go ahead and tell you now that you should never do this. If you want to play paintball for cheap, it would be a much better idea to just book onto... read more
Another red-hot paintballing FAQ that answers 6 more burning paintball questions 1. Are women better at paintball than men? A controversial question, but one that needs to be answered in the name of paintball science. The answer is… well it depends. An easy way to answer this question is to look at the best... read more